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Drawing on 150 years of experience in education, the Efficacy and Implementation Team helps you improve student learning outcomes in your district. Implementation is about more than just training — it empowers teachers with the tools they need to motivate their students, and engages classrooms with integrated technology tailored to specific learning needs.

Our team will:

Create a needs-based implementation plan

After identifying and analyzing your technology performance requirements, we craft a plan for your district.

Plan and deliver long-term professional development

Our pedagogically relevant training shows you how to enhance learning, teaching basic technology skills all the way up to advanced techniques.

Assess effectiveness and showcase results

Case studies based on qualitative and quantitative results from your district will highlight your return on investment.

Meet the Team

Laura-Lee Manley, M.A.
Director, Global Efficacy & Implementation Services

With over 15 years of progressively responsible leadership in the field of education, Laura-Lee manages SMART's strategic Efficacy and Implementation Managers, and local Professional Development and Training Specialists. Cultivating their more than 150 years of combined education experience, she leads them in executing SMART's Efficacy and Implementation frameworks, and advocates for the use of data to achieve defined and measurable outcomes with SMART's products and services.

Efficacy and Implementation Managers

Kimberly Ball, B.S.

Throughout her career, Kimberly has been passionate about integrating technology to engage students and enhance the way curriculum is delivered. She believes the right technology in the hands of great teachers can transform education. Her 15 years of experience as a classroom teacher, gifted talented program coordinator, trainer, and educational consultant have given her a unique perspective in helping educators harness the power of SMART to achieve measurable student success.

Beth Hinton, M.A., M.S.

Prior to joining SMART, Beth served as a classroom teacher, instructional technology specialist and school administrator. With 17 years of experience, Beth’s knowledge of instructional pedagogy and student goal setting provides her with a comprehensive perspective to assist educators in maximizing the power of SMART's products. She looks forward to helping teachers create engaging lessons that can be differentiated to meet student needs and achieve positive learning outcomes for all students.

Jason Smith, M.A.

Before joining SMART, Jason spent 15 years in public education as both a teacher and administrator. Monitoring data and trends, he knows that predictive analysis on student trajectory helps intervention and self-pacing. Jason uses his expertise, in addition to student performance data, to leverage SMART’s products and platforms to course correct in real-time, so that students and teachers across North America have the tools they need to be successful.

Matt Wallace, M.A.

Matt has more than 20 years of experience in the education field. As a former teacher, administrator and higher education strategist, he understands the challenges teachers face in the ever-evolving world of education. When Matt works with education partners, he listens to their needs to help them find the best SMART products that will help them positively impact outcomes. Most importantly, he supports them as they integrate a SMART solution into their classrooms.

Professional Development Specialists

Jody Bean, M.S.

Jody has been an elementary, middle school and university educator for over 20 years. Through technology, she has provided her students with an elevated learning experience, 21st century skills and opened opportunities for student collaboration across the globe to extend learning beyond the classroom. Her extensive use of SMART products and experience training educators in technological resources helps her determine how to best integrate them in the classroom. She is committed to making cutting-edge technology readily available to every student.

Kacie Germadnik, B.A.

Over Kacie's 19 years in education, she has been committed to integrating technology to empower both students and teachers. She is passionate about challenging learners of all ages to push past the boundaries of expectations by adopting a growth mindset and taking a leadership role in their learning. Kacie's expertise enables teachers to create an active learning environment, while personalizing learning for each student. Kacie believes discovering how to recognize and engage students' natural curiosity will create learners who can contribute original ideas to move innovation forward.

Sarah Storck, M.Ed.

Sarah Storck, M.Ed.

Over the course of Sarah’s 11-year teaching career, she has taken every opportunity to utilize technology in her classroom. Sarah’s desire to integrate technology led her to complete an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology and pursue an Instructional Technology Specialist certification. Witnessing firsthand the positive effect of SMART solutions on the learning of students with a variety of abilities and learning profiles, she understands the importance of interactive technology. Sarah is enthusiastic about the potential of SMART solutions to inspire students to become independent and motivated learners.

Teodora Teddy Kamburov, M.Ed.

Teodora “Teddy” Kamburov, M.Ed.

Teddy’s career began at the secondary level, in middle and high schools within the Palm Beach County School District. She has seen the power of integrating technology to provide instant feedback, encourage collaboration and organically foster Social and Emotional Learning for students of all ages and abilities. Teddy has also worked as an International Baccalaureate Coordinator providing training to her peers in pedagogical best practices, and as a district administrator helping 5 new magnet schools integrate technology into teachers’ instructional practices. Teddy strongly believes that technology is not a separate component to education; rather, it is an integral part of teaching and learning.

Training Specialists

Kaitlyn Brugnoni, M.Ed.

Kaitlyn Brugnoni, M.Ed.

In her career as a teacher, Kaitlyn has served as a lead mentor to new teachers, a professional development team member and held administrative roles. During her time in the classroom, she has been a technology pioneer and is excited to apply her skills and knowledge at SMART and to grow as an educator and professional. Kaitlyn is an energetic person who thrives on collaboration and has a passion for helping teachers to work smarter – not harder. She is eager to help introduce new technology to teachers and administrators that will enrich the learning experience for all students.

Asha Evans, MBA

Asha Evans, MBA

In her career as an elementary school teacher, Asha benefitted from the implementation of technology in the classroom. She has experienced firsthand the power technology has in transforming lessons and bringing them to life while heightening student engagement. She has also witnessed the effect technology has on a student’s desire and ability to take ownership of their learning. Understanding the significance and impact technology has on success and outcomes, Asha is committed to helping teachers and students succeed through the use of purposeful technology. She is excited to support teachers as their classrooms become collaborative, interactive learning spaces.

Akea Shepard, M.S.

Akea Shepard, M.S.

As a transformational educator, Akea has experienced firsthand the impact of SMART solutions in the classroom. In her roles as a Teach for America Corps member, Physics-First Pioneer Teacher, STEM Lead Teacher and Science Department Chair, she has gained expertise in best teaching practices, professional development and new teacher mentoring. During her career, she has worked with students, teachers, administrators, district personnel and education support agencies to achieve shared goals. She is thrilled to be working with SMART to create an environment where students are excited to learn and are active participants in their education.

Laura VanHellemont, M.S. Ed.

Laura VanHellemont, M.S. Ed.

Laura has over 15 years of experience as a classroom instructor, technologist specialist and district lead of innovations. SMART solutions are second nature to Laura, with 11 of those years including implementation of and leading professional development for SMART solutions in her classroom, at the school level and district level. Her passion for technology and innovation is evident through successful launches of school and district-wide technology-driven initiatives, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and implementation of best practices to increase student success for all learners. She is excited to help maximize student learning with the power and potential of SMART solutions.

Customer Success Stories

The Efficacy and Implementation team has worked on over 100 projects and continues to consult with many of these customers to provide long-term professional development. The team has produced 20 publications highlighting how the effective use of technology in the classroom can engage students, enhance learning, extend educational experiences beyond the walls of the classroom, and empower every student and teacher to find their greatness.

Read our customer stories to see how our implementation and consulting services have improved learning outcomes in schools.

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