Touch-enabled, e-LED LCD display

A durable, high quality display that uses smooth, anti-glare glass to create an optimal touch experience. Available in 4K Ultra HD resolution.


Presence detection

The display automatically turns on when people are near and turns off when no movement is detected


Multi-tool, multi-touch

Work naturally by using touch gestures to write and manipulate content or simply pick up a pen or eraser. Two people can interact with content simultaneously.



Write over websites, videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office® files and save your notes in almost any file type.


Object awareness™

Functionality automatically adjusts depending on the tool or object being used, whether it’s a pen, finger, eraser or palm.

SMART Meeting Pro 4.3 software (included)

This powerful software enables you to collaborate in the 4th dimension by interacting with digital content. You can also work in the Unbound Workspace, a virtually unlimited collaboration workspace that makes it easy to work with large amounts of visual data without getting lost.

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Premium interaction

SMART Board interactive flat panels allow you to interact with content in a fluid and smooth way. There is no lag and the touch experience is as precise as it is natural. This richly interactive experience, combined with stunning visuals, turns any meeting into a fully immersive experience.

Pen iD™

Stunning visuals

Shadow free, high resolution and supporting high information density, SMART Board interactive flat panels have LED displays that offer a premium visual experience. Each display is equipped with 4K UHD, enabling you to engage with content like you never could before.

Object awareness™

Collaborate anywhere

With an 84" model, you can ensure that you have the right product in the right environment – without compromising on the experience. And with multi-display capability, you can connect up to 16 SMART Board interactive displays in one environment, through one computer.


8084i series spec
Screen Size diagonal 84"
iQ technology No
Resolution UHD 3840x2160
Aspect ratio 16:9
Presence detection Yes
Integrated speakers Yes
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